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  • fallseason39
  • 39 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • ldydrgn
  • 46 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • ohio1951

  • looking for a funlady ...
  • 63 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • johnboggs
  • Looking for Love and Someone to Love
    Looking for Love I am an easy going and patient person. I'm kind. I love most animals and I do have a dog. I like the Dallas Cowboys. I like football on the big screen or out in the garage with friends. I'm a clean person. Not a clean freak but I keep my house and yard in order. I enjoy cooking at times but not always. Makes it nice when there's someone to enjoy it with me. I'm shy for a minute bu... ...
  • 47 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • almondeyedgirl

  • Ohio It's where we're from, no place like it ...
  • 33 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • arichter101ae

  • my home This one is my hometown right now I love in Toledo ohio ...
  • 27 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • gypsy87

  • Ohio Magic Ohio is a beautiful state to enjoy and live in and I have been in it all my life. I would like to meet someone who appreciates Ohio and would enjoy exploring it with me. ...
  • 55 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • bman8280

  • Buckeye Heaven I love this state. Many have not taken the time to travel for 4 or so hours to the southeast corner to enjoy Ohio at its best. Hocking Valley, West Va. line. We have our own Bigfoot living around there. Beautiful scenery etc. I do not do drugs but welcome the pot law so we can cash in on, (what other states are finding) lucrative vise. People that are doing it WILL do it anyway and... ...
  • 54 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • dawn86

  • The best state Ohio is state with friendly people and lots of stuff to do. ...
  • 27 years old | Toledo, Ohio

  • kladdaugh

  • funny, smart, fit, kind, cute Hobbies: I play music, write, and cook (which is more of a daily skill, like laundry), trivia, and of course my various studies of interest. I don't really like sports, although soccer can be fun to watch or play, and so can volleyball or basketball. I never really got into watching these things, though. I like a good movie with a story, or a good album, or just going... ...
  • 30 years old | Toledo, Ohio

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